Couture Has A New Name: Bahjat Rai Atelier

Couture Has A New Name: Bahjat Rai Atelier

Ladies, have you slowly gotten sick of looking at the same clothes and lawn collections over and over again? Season in, season out, it’s always the same thing. Have you ever gotten tired of seeing at least 6 people every day, wearing the same thing as you are? Do you also dislike having to piece together 37 pieces of fabric to make one outfit? Well, we have a solution for you. And it’s called Bahjat Rai Atelier.
Bahjat Rai’s clothing, having started out earlier this year, is the breath of fresh air, that we’ve all been waiting for, for a while, now.

Bahjat Rai’s designs and clothing have provided an answer to a very long-standing question. What does a modern Pakistani woman wear? Amidst the sea of sarees and lawns, her designs stand out and are impossible to look away from. She has given a cutting edge direction to the Pakistani fashion industry, and has dared to step out of the box. While talking to us, Bahjat said that the brand caters to the diverse needs of everyone, whether they’re going out for a nice evening out, or presenting the biggest case of their lives, or making a huge pitch at work. We believe that these designs would provide a boost to anyone’s wardrobe.
And we fell in love with her product so much that we sat down to talk to her about fashion, her inspirations, her journey and the future of fashion in Pakistan.

Bahjat’s love and flair for fashion led her to pursuing a degree in fashion, where she honed and polished her skills, and eventually brought us one of the chicest fashion houses the country has seen: Bahjat Rai Atelier.

According to Bahjat, the Pakistani fashion industry is constantly changing and evolving. That people are more open to diversity in design they have changed their vision and views about it. Drawing inspiration from the likes of the Balmain Fashion House and their creative director, Olivier Rousteing. However, the inspiration behind her designs comes from within, from her imagination and inner feelings. And holy, some inspiration it is!

If we could define Bahjat Rai Atelier’s clothing in a few words, it would be clean, chic and the future. You can’t look past her instagram feed, if you’ve stumbled upon it, it only draws you in more and more. It’s clean, it’s stunning, the colour palette that Bahjat uses has it’s own magnetic force, where you can’t help but stare in awe.

We feel like Bahjat Rai Atelier will also bring about a refreshing evolution in women’s work wear. There are barely any brands that actually cater to the working woman, and actually provide wearable work wear. Which is one of the reasons why we are in love with the brand and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. So keep your eyes peeled, soon for the future female industry leaders!

We’ve also come across some of the most stunning and fun outfits, which we genuinely can’t wait to see people wearing out and about! Because who wouldn’t wanna wear a fun lilac suit to a nice evening out?

Staying true to her fashion mantra (and Miuccia Prada’s), Bahjat says that fashion is an instant language. What you wear communicates who you are to the rest of the world. It’s announcing to the world that you have arrived and you’re not going anywhere! And we can’t wait to see what more Bahjat Rai Atelier have up their sleeves because they’re definitely staying.

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